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Rims/Tires Question

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Ok, so I found the rims I want when I can finally upgrade.

Bright Silver Mustang RTR Custom Wheel - 19x9.5 (05-12 All) at - Free Shipping!

Since AM only sells 19x9.5 rims, can I do 9.5's on the front? Also, can you recommend some staggard tires? How big can I do on the backs? I also need symmetrical tires so I can rotate them from left to right (would have to have the tires last as long as possible). :worship
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you can do 9.5s all around I would go with a 275 in front and a 305 or 315 out back
Thanks! I didn't know if 275 would be too big up front. I had looked at some Hankook's, 245/45/19 fronts, 275/40/19 rears. Maybe I just need to buy separate tires.

I'll look at some more options.
245 seems way to small up front for a 9.5 inch wide rimto me not sure though
See, that's why I need your input! I've never been good at figuring out tires. I just don't know what works best and I don't want to screw the pooch. I've been searching like crazy and can't find 4 pairs that are good quality and a good price.
All, if I don't go staggard, is 275/45/19 all around safe with my car lowered with Eibach sportline springs? I wasn't sure if my fronts would rub when turning with the car that low in the front.
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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