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Some people like to go for a road trip, some people like to swap engines. Few people like doing both, and even fewer like doing both within the span of a week.

But if you’re familiar at all with the program over at Roadkill, you’ll know that that’s pretty much par for the course.

On the latest episode of Roadkill (or at least the latest freely available on YouTube episode) Finnegan and Freiburger take the stock engine out of their “Disgustang” and replace with a 410 stroker based on a 351 Windsor.

That’s not quite what they set out to do, though. The episode was originally meant to be a pretty standard roadtrip to Dirtfish Rally School where they shot a previous episode in which a Charger drives entertainingly.

Unfortunately, on their way to the Oregonian rally school, the engine seizes and the hosts are forced to put swap engines.

The good news for them is that the 410 stroker was always supposed to go into the Disgustang. The bad news is, though that they hadn’t planned on doing it so early, so the engine is also saddled with some terrible parts that rob power.

All pretty standard fare for Roadkill.


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