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rocky's last ride

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Well I don’t usually run my old horse in the winter, it doesn’t like the cold & I hadn’t got round to fixing the heater anyway.
But I replaced the battery & fired it up & took, it for a run. I was getting it ready for the new owners to pick up.
Due to health reasons I am not able to take care of it as I would like to, so the time had come to get someone else to do this.
I had been lucky enough to find some kind people who are prepared to give it a new home.
So last week they arrived & I told them of the things you learn about an old car while you have it. Than we went for a drive.
After a coffee & some paperwork the time had come, so we took some pics, as you do & off they went. I watched them go & as they had quite a distance to travel, wondered if they would strike rain on the way. I never took it out in the rain, you had to put the windows up, & there was that leak that would drip down between you legs. The front screen needed to come out & be resealed, something else on the to-do list.
Well it had to go, otherwise I would have had to get someone else to do the work on it & that goes against the grain for someone who was a mechanic in a former life.

I’m not that good at writing things down but I thought I’d just like to share this with you guys (now I’m having trouble seeing the keys)

Kind regards
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Rocky, this certainly won't be your last ride. I believe that there are many more in store for you, and you'll probably enjoy each and every one of them.

Print Dad, you are most certainly a good man.

My father had to go through a similar situation when I was a kid maybe 6-7. Anyways, we had some financial problems at the time, and he was forced to sell his 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu. He loved that car A LOT, as much as a Marine Corps veteran would. When the guy that bought it hauled it off in a trailer even though it ran like nobody's business, he cried, like a man would after losing a friend in combat and seeing his grave. But he did it for his family, even though he didn't want to.
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