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rocky's last ride

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Well I don’t usually run my old horse in the winter, it doesn’t like the cold & I hadn’t got round to fixing the heater anyway.
But I replaced the battery & fired it up & took, it for a run. I was getting it ready for the new owners to pick up.
Due to health reasons I am not able to take care of it as I would like to, so the time had come to get someone else to do this.
I had been lucky enough to find some kind people who are prepared to give it a new home.
So last week they arrived & I told them of the things you learn about an old car while you have it. Than we went for a drive.
After a coffee & some paperwork the time had come, so we took some pics, as you do & off they went. I watched them go & as they had quite a distance to travel, wondered if they would strike rain on the way. I never took it out in the rain, you had to put the windows up, & there was that leak that would drip down between you legs. The front screen needed to come out & be resealed, something else on the to-do list.
Well it had to go, otherwise I would have had to get someone else to do the work on it & that goes against the grain for someone who was a mechanic in a former life.

I’m not that good at writing things down but I thought I’d just like to share this with you guys (now I’m having trouble seeing the keys)

Kind regards
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Hello rocky289,

LAST RIDE? - -nope. Perhaps the last ride in your baby but not the last ride.

It is hard to part with a vehicle we have grown attached to. Perhaps some people will not understand but i know there are many who will. Kinda like watching a child move out on their own. For some of us, this is a hard time.

It sounds like you made a choice that was not easy to do - - - BUT I offer a few idea and perhaps some inspiration.

Last year, I got our old Mach one on the road after a 23 year sleep. When I finally got the car running, one of the first places I had to take it, was to the man I bought it from, 33 year earlier. I wanted him to see the old girl driving in all her glory. Sure she is not perfect, but she is alive and well and I wanted him to know. I mention this because I bet if you tell the new owners that you would like to be kept informed about the car, they would gladly do so.

Keep posting on this forum and helping others even if you are not driving a Mustang yourself. I am sure you have learned a lot over the years. This forum is filled with people looking for ideas and help.

You can never know what the future holds in store for us, but maybe just maybe one day and good deal will come your way and perhaps you may be in better health to enjoy a new ride.

One thing that can never be taken from us is our memories. Think of all the scraped knuckles, the first peel out, the many places you drove the car to.

Try to think of it as a child getting married and moving forward in life. Your Mustang is just moving on to the next phase of it's life.

This post may cause many reactions - sadness, hope, laughter BUt be certain, there are many of us who feel your sadness and loss. Try to keep smiling and think about the car with the respect and passion that is in your heart. Obviously, this had to be a hard post to make but I feel it comes from the soul.

Print Dad
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