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roller rocker question, pedestal or stud mount

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sorry guys. im not too smart to the mechanic world..haha.. but for roller rockers, are you able to use pedestal mount or stud mount on stock heads? does it matter?i see more of stud mount and barely pedestal mount when im looking at brands and pricing..i have to replace my stock set and im going to upgrade. also which is better for stock heads. 1.6 or 1.7. i have a 92 5.0 gt.

also procomp on ebay is really cheap. are they any good? would i have to worry about them breaking? whats the review on these??
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Heads are generally one style or the other. It's the difference in the thread in the head itself. Most stock heads are pedestal mount, to convert to stud mount they usually have to be drilled and tapped for stud threads. Either is fine if you're choosing a set of heads and have that choice, most go with the style of rockers they already have so they don't have to buy a whole new set.
The ratio choice is usually determined by the cam you're going to use. For a stock H.O. cam, you can use 1.7's.
so would you reccomend drill and tapping the stock heads for stud or just go pedestal. which is better? also is 1.6 or 1.7 better? are you reccomending 1.7? as far as the cam i was told from the person i bought the car from that the previous owner put a cam in but im not sure if that is true or not to be honest with you. it is using stock rockers at the moment now..if the 1.7s are better for stock heads. what size rods would i need since stock rockers are 1.6?
Your stock heads are pedestal mount If I were you I would use the crane cams 1.7's they come with the shims to adjust them accordingly. You do not need new pushrods with 1.7's and stock heads
should I go with crane cam 1.7 lift or scorpion 1.72 lift??? which is better?
if your trying to stay with crane i would go with the crane/ford cobra rockers they say they are 1.7 but i believe they are 1.72 i am using them now and they work great.:bigthumbsup
I just finished putting in Crane Energizer 1.7:1 roller rockers (pedestal mount) and I also put in some Trick Flow springs too. I'm impressed, the car seems to wind higher, and pull more, higher up too. These rockers will make your engine act like it has a hotter cam not only because of the ratio, but also because the lift is faster.

The reason I did this swap is because my springs had 80+ K miles on them, and of course, the OEM sled-type rockers are really like 1.59:1 and they are sloppy.
I've got the pedestal mount crane 1.7 roller rockers and they work great with my Edelbrock heads and use the stock pushrod length. I had to remove the oil baffle in the valve cover to get the rockers to fit. The other option is to get Cobra style valve covers which are taller and desgined to fit those exact rockers, but they are pricey. Also, I'm not sure how the stock valve springs will do with those higher lift rockers. I recall a MM&FF article where they had a problem (valve float?) with using the higher lift rockers with a high mileage motor. Honestly, I'm not sure it is worth doing on a stock motor for the few horsepower extra you will get.
All good points.
humm i wonder if i could get away with 1.7 on my ecam he he he
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