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Roof trim molding clips broken?

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Hey guys, I had my roof wrapped in vinyl today, and the clips that hold the roof molding/rails (drivers and passengers) broke loose.

It looks like they were just held by epoxy, and then the clips slide into the railing itself.


The above link is what I'm talking about.

Is this a common thing, or did the shop carelessly yank the molding off? I realize the clips are cheap, about $2.50 each, so should I go ahead and order more, and epoxy them back on in the same spots over the old epoxy residue, or should I just leave it? It's really not noticeable or anything, unless you slide the molding around with your hands.

The two rivets on the body of the car are still intact which hold the molding into place on both sides, so I'm fairly confident this thing won't fly off or go anywhere.

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I would replace them if it's gonna be cheap and easy. Just make sure you get good epoxy and clean the mating surface real well.
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