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Rotrex Supercharger Impressions

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I recently had a Rotrex Supercharger kit installed in my 2013 Mustang GT and I'm here to tell you my overall impressions on the kit as it's a great alternative to Roots blowers and Vortech/Procharger setups.

I had the kit installed a few months ago with some doubts on how it would perform and stack-up against other kits on the market. With the Mustang platform being the number one most modded car on the market, my options were plentiful, but I wanted to try something totally different.

After talking with some friends who were familiar with Rotrex, I was instantly bought in for their efficiency and compact design. The kit has been on the car for the past several months here in Michigan, and I am very impressed. The car put down 383 rwhp and 384 ft/lb of tq on a dynojet. The car is now putting down 570rwhp and 510 ft/lb of tq with some minor tuning still to be done.

The car drives completely smooth and feels like it has a much larger engine! Theres none of that instant insane tq which makes the car almost non-drivable. I was able to race my buddy with the same car and a VMP roots blower. Almost every race my car was side by side with him and he was putting down more power.

I'd highly recommend the kit to anyone who is interested as the company is slowly making their transition to the United States. Shoot me a message if you have any questions or might be interested in the kit.
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I just tried looking them up for my 2007 GT, but while Rotrex lists it and you can see articles on, I can't find the listed dealer (Forced Air Performance). Any idea where I can locate one of these kits for the 2005-2009 GT?
Yeah send me a PM and I'll put you in touch with the right person to get the kit for your car. I know they're working on a US website and selling not just the supercharger, but an entire kit for your car.
I know they're making kits for all of the 05-09 GT and 10-14 GT as well! I can't say enough how happy I am with my setup. Sure makes driving home from work everyday a lot more enjoyable.
Does it have the whistle/whine of a Paxton/Vortex?
The supercharger itself has almost no noise but there is a blow off valve noise. It gives the car a very stealthy look and sound. I love that I was able to reduce the sound of mine by recirculating the bov noise but some people love it. Search the smoking tires YouTube video supercharged 2006 mustang Gt. It sounds similar to that. Since mines recirculating it's not as loud but you can easily change it. One thing I forgot to mention. The filter coming off the block will be recirculating back through the cold air intake ducting.
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MustangGTCS13 , thanks for the report. Good to hear about the new guys coming into the marketplace.

jlee910, just go to There isn't much information on it, but the only one they list is for your car, and the article was about an 08. Based on the above report, they now have a kit for the S197 GTs. Hope they invest in their site soon as it can't be helping them and is likely hurting them as it sits.
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I believe they should have a totally revamped website up very soon! Have you heard what sort of performance to expect from the 4.6 GT with this rotrex kit? I'm waiting on final numbers from the guy I know.
I'd seen them advertised and always wondered why there were very few reports on websites....interesting design.:surprise:
a picture or something would be great, since I have no clue what this thing looks like, or how it is different from other designs

As far as I can tell, it is basically a centrifugal supercharger? What is so different about it?
I don't like the appearance of the 5.0 Rotrex kit but, I don't doubt the performance. Good to see someone running the setup. Great #'s OP.

a picture or something would be great, since I have no clue what this thing looks like, or how it is different from other designs

As far as I can tell, it is basically a centrifugal supercharger? What is so different about it?
From what I can tell, it's an electrically-assisted centrifugal supercharger. The electrical assist helps out when you're waiting for the engine to hit higher RPMs.

Other than that, there's not much on it.

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No supercharger whine :( That's part of the fun lol
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