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Roush/Airaid MVT keep or remove with tune

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Hello all,

I currently have the Roush CAI installed on my 07 GT with the MVT in and now I am looking at grabbing a SCT tuner and getting a tune for the car for greater gains. I am wondering though if there is a big difference in tuning with the MVT in vs taking it out. My car is pretty much stock other than the intake and some mufflers. If the difference is not that great I would prefer to leave the MVT in just to make it easier if I need to bring the car in for work at the dealer. However if the difference is great I will pull it out and get the tune for that.

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IT would be to unstable never take the venturi out of the intake.
Thanks for the info guys I think that I will just leave it in. Have you guys ever seen any dyno numbers on what to expect from the CAI and tune? I have searched online and can find info for the JLT and a bunch of others, but never the Roush/Airaid with a tune. I would like to run the 91 Octane performance tune from Bama once I get my tuner.

Thanks again!
I picked up 25 RWHP when I RAN the AIRRAID. I now have the Jlt and really have not noticed much in my et if any. I almost miss the Airraid to be honest. It is a very nice and well made cold air intake. I ran the 91 race tune and loved it from Bamma.
What was the reason you switched away from the airaid? I am really looking forward to getting the tuner 25rwhp is a pretty nice gain!!
I was told I could get 10 more RWHP BS . I miss that deep growl from the Airraid also. Oh well. You will be very pleased
I love the sound of this intake!! 4000rpm and above is pretty much the best sound I have ever heard :) They say you get better gas mileage which is total bs because all I want to do is hear the sound coming from the intake.
:rollgrin: lol I waisted a whole gas tank just because I wanted to hear the roar of the new cold air intake and the GTA Mufflers my first mods.:bigthumbsup
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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