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Roush dyno results from Brenspeed

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wow.gifSo I got my car back from Brenspeed yesterday in Cedar Hill, TX. They installed Kooks 1-7/8" long tube headers, a Boss 302 radiator and a Roush 575 supercharger. Then they dyno tuned it.

It made 552 RWHP & 498 FT-LBs.

I cannot describe how thrilled I am with the results. The folks at Brenspeed are just incredibly professional and know exactly what they're doing. The shop is spotless and I can see why their reputation is so strong.

It runs ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. But I now have a massive traction problem.....facepalm2.gif
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Very cool, and yes, you better invest in some sticky tires.
And a revamped rear suspension.
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