The latest special Mustang from Roush Performance arrives ready for 710 hp.

Roush calls the JackHammer Mustang "to be supercharged." That means it comes with most of the work done before it reaches the dealer. Most of the components are installed, as is the machining work necessary on the front cover for the blower to bolt on.

The magic happens after the sale. The 2,650cc Roush TVS supercharger gets bolted in place, boosting the 5.0L Mustang to 710 hp. It has to be installed after the original sale, presumedly for emissions reasons. The system comes with a five-year, 60,000-mile powertrain warranty.

Making sure the JackHammer is ready for that power, the car gets uprated half shafts, an adjustable coil over suspension, and strut tower bracing. Aerodynamic and body tweaks include a high-flow JH-badged grille, front spoiler, hood heat extractors, side scoops, and black Roush JackHammer stripes and graphics. There are special floor mats and door sills inside, with serialized plaques for the dash and engine bay. The hockey stripe stickers are only available on this car, and not lesser Stage 1 and stage 2 Mustangs.

Optional extras include an active quad-tip exhaust, 20-inch forged wheels, a three-way adjustable coil over suspension, and special leather seats.

We're assuming the car gets its name from the company boss, but maybe if your name is Jack, you might not want to call the car JackHammer.

The car is fastback only, but can be had with the six-speed manual or 10-speed auto. It's available through Roush authorized Ford dealers across the US.