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Roush Louvers Paint?

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Hey just ordered my Roush Louvers (151 on ebay :shiny: ) does anybody know where i should get them painted in the charleston sc area? Looking for a good shop that does a great job,not too expensive though! I know its hard to find but..... i was hoping you guys could help me
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"Roush" on Ebay

Roush doesn't sell on Ebay, so what you have are knock-offs so make sure they get primered really fact find out what they are made of to get the right primer. If they come primer finish, ask what it is. You will need this information for the painter, or yourself, if you wish to do it by can spray.

I have put plenty of knock off product on my cars over the years and some of it is as good, if not better than the real deal. However, the quality that Roush has shown us, as a Roush dealer, is beyond anything I have seen in the knock off realm, and WE order some of it, just in-case it's only factory 2nds and can be used in a pinch.

Good luck to you...I hope they work out!
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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