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roush mustang?

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Hi All

I have a question related to mustang engine. I have seen an ad of a used mustang advertised as 2007 roush mustang. however when i checked the picture of the engine it didn't seem like it is a roush mustang as there is no roush signature on the engine cover. Am I right?


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it's manual

If you paid the 2nd mechanic to assess the car then he should have given you a printout of the codes or at least told you what they all were.
He said faulty codes but did not specify. I did not pay him.
Have you had the alternator voltage output checked under a load?
Have you had the battery checked?
Yest I just checked it. it works fine
You can't buy a new PCM(computer). If your PCM was the problem then these days you send it out to a professional module repair service and get it fixed.
This is what I thought of. But I'm an expat here and most technicians don't have this high level technique. I took it to a guy who programs ECU and he told me that ECUs can't be repaired which is not true.

What does "the car is canceled" mean?
What did the dealer say the problem was?
You need to have the car scanned and get the actual trouble codes that are registere
Yes i'm planning on buying an obd 2 scanner and doing it on my own in the presence of incompetent mechanics
and I will post the codes here

What does "the car is canceled" mean?
What did the dealer say the problem was? They should also have given you an assessment along with the codes that were registered.
So basically it means that ford recognises the car as totaled and should nt be driven on public roads. Also they will not examine it

I wanted to know abojut the car history but they said they didnt know the issue exactly
Speedometer Vehicle Odometer Car Gauge

So the battery works fine. I checked with the multimeter 12v

I stress tested it and the number went up and reached 14.17v.

Im going to do a full diagnosis. Hoepefull nothing serious
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