Ford may or may not be bringing a Raptor version of the Ford Ranger to America, but if you're tired of waiting, maybe you should check out the Ranger offering from Roush Performance, builders of hyperfast Mustangs and rock-jumping F-150s (with as much power as the Mustangs).

It doesn't boost the power of the 270 hp 2.3L turbo-four, but since the proper Ranger Raptor actually makes much less from a diesel engine, that shouldn't be much of an issue. It's the suspension bits here that make this one a real desert jumper.

Starting with a special performance suspension system developed with Fox, the same ones who make the F-150 Raptor parts, it levels the truck's stance and is tuned to improve off-road capability. There are 32-inch General Grabber ATX tires on 18-inch alloys doing their best to get you as much traction as can be mustered.

A twin-tip exhaust lets out some more sound and there are fender flares to make sure your new tires aren't sticking out the sides.

Inside, there's special Roush leather with quilted stitching. Maybe that doesn't help with performance, but we'll say it's easier to clean the mud out of. Special floor liners help with the same and there are Roush gauges and badges.

More upgrades are available, including racks with light bars and a retractable aluminum bed cover. It's available now, starting from $12,750 over the cost of the Ford Ranger you'd like to give the makeover.