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Roush Trak Pak wheels...

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Hey does anyone know where I can find a set of Black Roush Trak Pak rims and tires? I found some websites but they all wanted around $540 for each wheel. Thats just insane when I can buy 20" saleen rims for around $130 each. But if anybody runs across a good set of 18" black roush trak pak rims please let me know if they're a decent price cuz I really want a set of these without destroying my budget...
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yeha but the saleen ones are imitations, not the real things

Thats how much they are and theres no way around it
Are there any rims out there that are similar? or somebody that possible has a set of used ones?
I've poked around for used Roush rims, and i've always come up empty. I'm not looking for the trak pack rims, but even the price tags on the others are a bit on the steep side for me at the moment. Good luck in your quest.
Yeah the money is the big issue with me too. Im a full time college student but for some reason every dollar I get I put into my cars. So needless to say im near being broke, but hey I got a couple sweet cars lol :smartass:
This is about as close as you are going to get for knock offs:
FORD RACING WHEEL 18X9.5 GT500 BLACK 2005-2009 - CJ Pony Parts, Inc.
Those are Shelby knock offs... Im lookin for more of a simple 5 spoke roush style but in black.
My bad you are a looking more of the saleen look. I really think those are as close as you are going to get:

The 18's are towards the bottom of the page.
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