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Roush vs. Saleen

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Hey Everyone-I am looking to do some body changes to my 5.0 so I can stand out even I am really into the back end of the Saleen s281 but I only like the roush front ends...

Do you guys think it would be a great or bad idea to have this unique look? Is it unique? or plain dumb? will the car from the ground up look level and even? Are the specs the same for clearance if I bought a front fascia from Roush and the Rear Fascia from Saleen?

Any thoughts? Be Brutally honest here...
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Roush fascia for sure! I'm biased: I have one on mine. But I love that Saleen S281 back end.

In other words, do it! Roush front/Saleen rear! :bigthumbsup

No need for me to be brutal. I like your style!
Put your last name across the back! LOL! Ole Caroll Shelby does it. Why not?

Seriously though, it's your personal creation. Call it what you will; just don't badge it unless it's one of a kind badging of some sort.
Funny thing though... I did see a nice mildly modded '05-'10 'Stang a few days ago with a guy's last name across the back where Shelby would ordinarily be. It was odd but not really tacky.

It's funny... I have the Roush fascia and wrap-around rear wing, BBR hood with classic pins, and factory V6 honeycomb grille. People look at my car all kinds of ****-eyed. The first question out everyone's mouth is (including a lot of owners of the previous generation of ponies): "Is that a Cobra?"

No badging. No false advertisement. Just my blend of random mod's.
I have the V6. No shame here. she lives up to the Mustang name.

I'll make a few more cosmetic mods as time goes by and cash flow increases. I'm just undecided on which ones, though a GT500 rear valence is almost certainly in my future.

Wheels are another story. Too many options. Can't decide right now.
Just take a peek at my profile. There is an album on there. My mods are listed there too.
Don't want to hijack the thread, but does this mean that my stock pony package grill will be compatible if I get the Roush fascia? I am looking to go that direction long term and I actually like the pony package grill.
Not compatible. Mine was not either. You will have to buy the Ford GT grille surround, as the Roush fascia strangely does not include one. You will still need to do a little trimming to get the V6 grille to fit, even with the surround.

Ford GT Grille Surround #BR3Z-8419-AA
I like that people are being creative instead of going w the trend...converting to GT500 front fascia...I really don't want to be labelled, shelby, roush or saleen. I just want it to look freakin sick! :)
Don't be gaudy with the mod's and you'll get the desired effect.

Plenty of folks hate what I did with mine and plenty others love it, while plenty more are just okay with it (meh). They're my ideas, and it's my car. I love it!

Don't worry about the approval of others. If you think it's "sick" when all is said and done, then you've met your goal. :winks
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