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What is the easiest and least expensive way to give my V6 a little more of that old school rumble?

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i probably have everybody beat with how many mufflers i've tried out to get a better sound! i've tried JBA, MAC, Magnaflow, and have now settled happily on the GT takeoff. it is by FAR the most bang for your buck. i bought a couple off Casco for around $80 with shipping. it flows better than stock, has a much nicer SS pipe, is cheap, and sounds way better. plus, if you decide to go duals someday, you can. it's a big muffler, so it has a deeper tone to it. all the other aftermarkets i've tried are small and sound too lean for me. go with the GT takeoff - you won't be disappointed!
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it's a pretty easy install. you don't need to lift the car unless you're a big dude (see large gut). be sure to take off the three stock brackets that hold the muffler hangers first (unbolt them from the frame). then loosen the clamp to the exhaust and slide the muffler off. replace two of the three hangers (the GT takeoffs don't have the third hanger), and put the thing back on. be sure you have at least 1/2 inch clearance from the SS pipe and the plastic bumper cover after final placement. otherwise, you'll get some melting if the pipe touches the plastic. mine needed adjusting. in fact, all of the mufflers i tried out needed adjustment except for the MAC. it fit perfectly.

to order the GT takeoffs, go to ebay and do a search for 2005 mustang exhaust. you'll see a seller by the name of cascotech or something like that. he sells GT takeoffs from cars that have been converted to Saleen exhaust. he's helped out a ton of people on this forum. highly recommended.
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you're the second person to mention the chicago connection. bonus points if you can name the player who's number i'm using. hint: it's not freakin' jim mcmahon!

i'm not anywhere near chicago. i'm just a bears and blackhawks fan. i live in the great northwest actually.

i think i paid $86 for two mufflers and shipping. can't beat that!

also - if you do a search on the MustangSource forum for S197 - V6 tech and performance, you should get before and after videos of the stock vs GT takeoff difference. it's what inspired me to pull the trigger on the takeoffs.
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Well done! :thumbup

let me know if you need any more help with the GT takeoffs.
alkaline3 said:
Bonus points??? gah, up here you'd get slapped silly for not knowing that. I still remember a guy I lived with at university remembered his phone number as Lindros-Hull-Orr-Sittler-Coffey
well, like i said, i live in the NW. nobody up here knows crap about hockey!

was the guy you lived with john buccigross? he's an anchor on sportscenter who does a hockey column once a week. he's mentioned that he remembers important numbers by combining hockey player numbers. but again, that may be common up there where hockey is in the air you breathe.
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