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running a cold 5.0

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when i start my car in the morning, it shuts off. i think there is too much fuel going into the car when its cold. i have to play with the gas petal to keep it running for a minute or two. after a while it will idle as it get warmer. when the car is in ambient temperature mode (normal running) the car idles MINT. aka 750 rpms....
any idea?? the vacumm is closer to zero before settling around 11...

the car was dynoed and shows 479 @ RWL's

1. 5.0 with trick flow intake and heads
2. 48# red line inj.
3 custom ground cam
4. two fuel pumps
5 vortech s-trim max boost 11lbs. **no A/A cooler**
6. full length header with 2.5 exhaust
7. griffin 3-core radiator
8. msd boost retard timing set
9. a really big smile on my face. :)
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Your car is highly modified. You will will have to sacrifice some drivability. I fixed mine by tuning the MAF transfer function with binary editor. It is probably running very rich @ idle when you first start it. The computer goes into closed loop after a minute or so. Does it surge before it dies or or does it just die after you start it?
cold running

yes it surges right before it crashes. and the smell of gasoline is very rich coming out of the back.
The more modified it gets the more the stock computer gets less efficient and gets to the point of needing some assistance from a custom chip. Plus some cars are just plain cold natured and nothing you can do to make it idle like a stocker once you get so modified.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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