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RUSTY BOTTOM/was my first love

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I have had a 67 Mustang V6 since I was 19 years old. The floor pans are rusted pretty bad and the frame has some rust. Is there a way to overcome this or should I use the car for scrap and get another. The Engine runs like a kitten. I have a rebuilt transmission. I just dont know if I should get something to reinforce the frame or not? I know I can get floor pans. Also is there an inexpensive route for parts any recommendations are welcomed. I've had it in storage for about 10 years. Any opinons ?
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Hate to promo another site but I am.
Go to and look for a thread called "Progress of RatStang".
This is a ground up resto of a 64.5 coupe being done by my son.
It shows all the steps and all the work involved.
Of course this is a extreme detail resto.
It is impressive.
Damn proud of the kid.
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dlinebar said:
WOW, I thought I was doing alot to my car......he is doing a nice job and it is alot of work, looks like he is knocking it out though.
About as fast as he can. And he is a perfectionist.
Not bad at all for a self taught 17 year old.
Some of the pro's around are jelouse.
He has a 66 lined up for April to do for a guy that saw his work.
Basically he will be replacing the backend on it.
He has very little help from me.
I never was a body work guy. I am more the drivetrain type.
And the amazing thing to most is he taught himself how to do this stuff. Some experts said he couldnt do certain things but he proved them wrong and showed them how to do it.
Damn sure he didnt learn it from me.
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