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S197 Gas Mileage Roundup - V6's, V8's, Autos and Manuals

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Submit yo' info, not just another "Gas Mileage" thread....I hope...and NOT about gas PRICES neither!

I could be wrong, but I have not seen a really full comparison-based accounting here of owner experience with gas mileage and the different drivetrain combinations. I am VERY curious about this after reading between the lines of some other owners and also having a co-worker with a V6/Auto that sounds like it's getting the same, or worse, mileage than my GT/Manual car.

Obviously driver habit and conditions have a lot to do with it, but the "Average MPH" reading on the Message Center (for those who have the IUP) can help indicate your environment to an extent. I think it would be very interesting to see where the four different engine/trans combos stack up, if all interested parties can provide some of the minimal information such as:

Average MPG (per tank)
Engine - V6 or V8/GT
Trans - Auto or Stick
Average Speed (from "Message Center" if IUP-Equipped)
Engine/Drivetrain Mods, if any.

And maybe the additional info if willing:
Your own rating as a "fuel-economy-conscious driver" Leadfoot, Occasional Puncher, Lightfoot.
Best MPG you've seen in any single stretch:

Sure, I'll go first:
Average MPG per tank:..... 17.5 MPG
Engine - V6 or V8/GT.......V8 GT
Trans - Auto or Stick......Stick
Average Speed..............28MPH (lotta heavy creeping rush-hour freeway traffic, plus suburban/city stuff)
Engine/Drivetrain Mods.....Stock (aftermarket shifter shouldn't be a factor)

My own rating: ............Occasional Puncher (how can you NOT sometimes?!??! :D )
Best MPG I've seen in trip leg: 26.9 MPG

My theory/question here is that the Stick GT's will probably be really comparable to the auto-equipped V6 Mustangs, more than the EPA numbers on the window sticker would indicate. And I'm rooting for the manual-equipped V6's to come in as the winners. Interested in how auto-equipped GT's stack up too. Who knows, maybe the results will have widespread and far-reaching ramifications that may actually influence someone's purchasing decision.....aren't you curious too?
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GT Stick

Avg: 19mpg
Avg Spd: 31mph
Best: 30mpg
Style: Pretty "Normal" with more than a few WOT runs (hey, I'm 25!)

No mods.

Now, if I can mix it up a bit:

1) Do you get any better milage running something other than 87? I swear I got a little better than usual while running it harder using 94, but tests were definitely less than scientific.

2) What highway speed do you find gives the best milage? My '99 contour (V6, stick) got great milage below 50mph and then slowly dropped off (I usually ran about 23mpg overall, lots of around-town and the 7K redline was fun), but actually picked up again at a little over 87 mph (4K RPM, piston engine operating closer to torque peak, and the secondary intake runners opened at that point).
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My 30mpg came on a 30 minute or so stretch of the 401 from Cambridge to Mississauga, never really flat... just a series of minor up and down grades, doubt elevation changed that much overall start-finish. Cruise set at what I guessed to be about 105km/h, 30mpg came from the computer so it's def. US gal. I SWEAR there's gotta be a higher "sweet spot" though that doesn't involve driving this thing like a granny ;) I just don't do enough driving where I can do the same stretch and know I won't have to touch the cruise once.

I took the ol' man's 02 vette out a few weeks ago to fill it up. He just drives, doesn't play with the computer so I'm pretty sure it's never been reset... 10.1L/100km (23.3mpg). Checked his 300M after that, 11.5L/100km (20.5mpg). Cars are weird.
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