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S197 Gas Mileage Roundup - V6's, V8's, Autos and Manuals

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Submit yo' info, not just another "Gas Mileage" thread....I hope...and NOT about gas PRICES neither!

I could be wrong, but I have not seen a really full comparison-based accounting here of owner experience with gas mileage and the different drivetrain combinations. I am VERY curious about this after reading between the lines of some other owners and also having a co-worker with a V6/Auto that sounds like it's getting the same, or worse, mileage than my GT/Manual car.

Obviously driver habit and conditions have a lot to do with it, but the "Average MPH" reading on the Message Center (for those who have the IUP) can help indicate your environment to an extent. I think it would be very interesting to see where the four different engine/trans combos stack up, if all interested parties can provide some of the minimal information such as:

Average MPG (per tank)
Engine - V6 or V8/GT
Trans - Auto or Stick
Average Speed (from "Message Center" if IUP-Equipped)
Engine/Drivetrain Mods, if any.

And maybe the additional info if willing:
Your own rating as a "fuel-economy-conscious driver" Leadfoot, Occasional Puncher, Lightfoot.
Best MPG you've seen in any single stretch:

Sure, I'll go first:
Average MPG per tank:..... 17.5 MPG
Engine - V6 or V8/GT.......V8 GT
Trans - Auto or Stick......Stick
Average Speed..............28MPH (lotta heavy creeping rush-hour freeway traffic, plus suburban/city stuff)
Engine/Drivetrain Mods.....Stock (aftermarket shifter shouldn't be a factor)

My own rating: ............Occasional Puncher (how can you NOT sometimes?!??! :D )
Best MPG I've seen in trip leg: 26.9 MPG

My theory/question here is that the Stick GT's will probably be really comparable to the auto-equipped V6 Mustangs, more than the EPA numbers on the window sticker would indicate. And I'm rooting for the manual-equipped V6's to come in as the winners. Interested in how auto-equipped GT's stack up too. Who knows, maybe the results will have widespread and far-reaching ramifications that may actually influence someone's purchasing decision.....aren't you curious too?
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Average MPG per tank:..... 24 MPG
Engine - V6 or V8/GT.......V6 Conv.
Trans - Auto or Stick......Stick
Average Speed..............37 MPH mostly on post / some hwy
Engine/Drivetrain Mods.....Stock

My own rating: ............Occasional Puncher

Best MPG I've seen in trip leg: 30 MPG - 70 mph interstate w/ cruise on
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