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safe to put dried out top down? 89 lx

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hello, my uncle gave me his 89 mustang 2.3l lx last year and its been sitting in my garage lately. i have restored a few things on it since like the seats, seat belts and carpet. i have a new pump for the convertable top but im worried that if i try to put it down it wont go to well. although the material on my top feels soft and nice, there are a few cracks on it and the rear window (which is the most dried out and cracked part of it) allows water to get in and settle on the boot (which now is looking kind of rusty) during rain. i plan on getting a new top, how ever i was thinking of just leaving it down since its in the garage all the time anyways. would it be safe to put down? and if i was to put it back up would it be ok? i would post pics but my phone sadly broke getting caught in the cars door earlier today
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When I bought my 89 convertible, the top on it was the same as what you describe and yes it did make it a bit worse when I put it down and then back up. Mine had a glass rear window, which was destroyed later on, when I forgot to un-zip the back panel on it. I eventually replaced the top myself, which isn't that hard, but can be a bit time consuming if you want it to look right. an upholstery stapler is an absolute requirement for doing this.

I actually converted my car into a hard top 2 years ago. It would be nice if there was a decent removable hard top for the Fox Mustangs.:yup:
If you're going to park it indoors, it would be ok. But do not plan on putting it back AND stay dry in case of rain. I would leave it up until I got a new top installed.
if you get rained on, top on or
down you'll get wet if you put the top down. i recommend not
putting your top down until you get
a new top
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