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Saleen Meet At NMRA • Atco, NJ • Aug. 8th-10th

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NMRA Announces Special Saleen Event
Nitto Tire NMRA Ford Nationals Presented by Downs Ford Motorsport
Atco Raceway, Atco, New Jersey
August 8-10, 2008

New Jersey get ready! Saleen Mustangs will be invading the Garden State the weekend of August 8-10, 2008, as legendary Ford racer and car builder, Steve Saleen, participates as honorary grand marshal at the Nitto Tire NMRA Ford Nationals event at Atco Raceway in Atco, New Jersey.

All Saleen owners are invited to come out and participate at this special event which celebrates Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords 20th Anniversary with hands-on participation from Steve Saleen. Come join Steve, the Muscle Mustangs editors, and famous Ford drag racers from the past at the Muscle Mustangs Readers Appreciation Party hosted by Nitto Tire on Saturday, August 9th, from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm. The party is open to Saleen participants, and will have food/drinks, a parts raffle, special prizes and more.

The NMRA welcomes the Saleen Club of America and the Saleen Owners and Enthusiasts Club as official participating car clubs for this event. Each national club will officially participate at this event and will present special NMRA car show awards to their members.

If showing your Saleen is your passion then the NMRA auto show presented by Laurel Mountain Mustang is for you! The NMRA has just announced special Saleen-specific car show awards that will be given away both days, Saturday and Sunday August 9th & 10th:

• Top 10 Saleens
• Best ’84 to ’93 Saleen (Winner & Runner Up)
• Best ’94 to ’98 Saleen – Winner & Runner Up)
• Best ’99 to ’04 Saleen – Winner & Runner Up)
• Best ’05 to Current (Winner & Runner Up)
• Best of Show (Winner Only)
• Best Paint (Winner Only)
• Best Interior (Winner Only)
• Best Engineered (Winner Only)
• Long Haul (Winner Only)
• Director’s Choice (Winner Only)
• Best Daily Driver (Winner Only)
• Muscle Mustangs Editor’s Choice (Winner Only)

The Saleen Owners and Enthusiasts Club and the Saleen Club of America will both officially participate as hundreds of their members head to New Jersey for this special event. Each club will give away the following NMRA car show awards to their members both days:

• Best of Show (Winner Only)
• President’s Choice (Winner Only)
• Long Haul (Winner Only)
• Best Daily Driver (Winner Only)

If you would like to drag race your Saleen, consider NMRA’s True Street class presented by Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords. True Street, which is contested on Saturday, is open to all licensed and insured street vehicles. Head off on a 30-mile police-escorted cruise with Steve Saleen and the editors of Muscle Mustangs, and then make 3 back-to-back passes down the ¼ mile with awards for the overall fastest and the racers with the closest averages to 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 seconds. For ’05 and later Saleen owners, JDM Super Stang offers a great class that showcases the best in modern muscle. For more information on NMRA race classes please log on to NMRA DIGITAL - Official NMRA Rule Book

The NMRA Ford Nationals is the #1 all-Ford motorsport show in the U.S. Every NMRA event features the best in heads-up Ford drag racing, jet car exhibitions, a huge auto show, a giant manufacturers midway and swap meet, and much more!

For more info on this event log on to NMRA Digital
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Only a couple of weeks away!!!
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