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Saleen S/C run on stock tires!! Okay, here you guys go. Here are times for my Saleen setup:
Mods: See Signature
Track temp: 110 degrees and 95% humidity at Ennis Raceway (Dallas) 97 in the shade!!!
Stock P-Zero Tires!!!
Stock 355 gears
Factory H-pipe.
Stock Suspension
Off Idle launch and granny shifts at 6K RPM.

60' 2.02 Best with stock tires was 1.97.
1/8th: 8.35
MPH 88.50
1/4 12.74
MPH 112.73:clap

Looking at the MPH, we figure she's good for 12.10-12.20 with ET Streets and a little cooler air. Working on Kooks headers very soon. Should see 11.90's with that.

Also, IAT temps never went above 128 and this was the second run.

Special thanks to Blane with PSI for his driving skills. (I wasn't registered, and wanted to make sure we got good times since we only had a couple of chances at it.):drink:

05 Satin Silver, IUP 5sp man, Magnaflows, SVT Shorties, Saleen Series VI S/C, Custom JDM Tune, #39 injectors, 6.5# pulley. 396 RWHP, 375 RWTQ

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Madhouse said:
<--- witness !!!

Charles - your car ran awesome man! Can't wait for my Saleen blower to be on the car!
Thanks!!! I really appreciate that. Question, do you remember if it was a ProCharger, or Vortech car that ran 12.90's there with 10psi, race tune, and ET Streets???:winks Since I had stock tires, 91 octane street tune, and 7psi, I know I've got more left........hehehe.

Madhouse, fun thing is on the street. The low end torque is just great!!!

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My guess is vortech I saw one in action and was dissapointed :sosad:
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