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Sales price for a 2003 Mustang Cobra

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What are 2003 Mustang Cobras Coupes selling for these days? I see asking prices all over the map from $14,000 to $29,000! I have one for sale at $19,500 with upgraded suspension and Kenwood nav system, or $18,500 without the Nav. Is this fair or unrealistic?

Oddly enough I had three different people offer to pay $21,500, but they could not finance it due to bad credit. Seems the person who is attracted to the car is not the person who can afford the car...
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visit , enter the options, get an idea

used is used, modified is modified.
goto they,re quotes are more accurate than kbb
I would need more info on the car esp. the mileage to give my opinion.
Being an SVT Cobra, Alot won't go off what KBB or nada says. It can book 18K but they will ask 20K and up. The ones that just want it sold will probably sell at KBB or nada. Even though your bank will go by what they value it at, alot of the owners don't care. What's the mileage and mods done to your car? Also it's hard for a bank to loan sometimes on a car of that age.
I factor mine in the 20k neighborhood. Original owner, 27K, all documentation, no wrecks, mild mods, older driver.
It's not really a matter of "bad" credit, it's just that being a 8 year old car, no bank wants to loan on that old a car (or any other for that matter unless you do have AAA credit) finding a cash buyer kinda limits the market...not good for sellers and yes limiting the "economic recovery"
When my bank said yes, I was putting $7K down on my 03 Cobra. I just bought a 2003 Lightning and they said yes cause I got a great deal on it. But my credit has been around 770-780 for a few years now.
For $19.5K you can get an 03-04 with full mods including a Twin Screw, their out there!!

Mine has 52000 miles, normal mods, original owner. Upgraded suspension, Kenwood navigation, and new tires and clutch. I think $19500 is fair but still trying to figure out the market...
Kenne bell

Having a kenne bell supercharger is good news and bad. The power stresses the car and may not be so good for the longer term...
TAKE THAT STOCK CONRA TO JAPAN. YOU CAN GET EASILY FOR IT 100K...eASY...2,900 for insured shipment from oakland to tokyo, port to port in covered 40ft container includes destination fee. Then, you go through customs and get all that **** taken care of and you're good to go! Them Japs pay for our special muscle cars like we pay for their rice burners. Last year, I sold my other 2001 Bullitt w/120,000 on it for 45,000..No ****! But you can only do it once...
How come you can only do it once? Seems like someone would buy everything on E Bay and ship it to Japan.
I've always hear that alot of people will pay alot overseas. A few guys in the military told me that alot time ago. But it seems like everyone would be doing that.
The kenny bell will run just like the Eaton till you mash on the gas. The way I drive, i'm always in vaccum 95% of the time it seems. Even when I give it a little more gas, it'll probably hit 0-5psi for a second or two. The KB would be the same while driving. Unless you floor it all the time, then i can see the more street on it.
kenne bell is too much for most street driving

I concluded the Kenne Bell was great, but more than I needed for the street. I have 465 RWHP and was shredding clutches and tires fast enough as is. In LA there are not many places to drive wide open. I did not choose to spend another $7,000 to get the extra torque and HP.
I do not have the time or energy to ship my car to Japan, but someone else is welcome to do so...
Sold my car for what I wanted... Just have to wait for the right motivated buyer...
im looking to buy a 2003 cobra oxford white pully, blah problem it has over 80,00 miles and was rebuilt, should i worry about that!? it was dynoed an tuned at gtr performance in rancho an dit layed down 460whp without the intake or exhaust...
well alot of Cobras are beat on and to find one that someone blew up the motor is not uncommon esp if they tried to pulley it and didn't change the tune or I've seen the motors blown from bad radiator flushes....
Personally I wouldn't buy a car with a "story", there are too many out there in pristine conditon to roll the dice on one that isn't.
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