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Sandblasted/epoxy '67 shell - what's it worth?

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Hey guys, new to the forum. Nice place!

So, I'm eyeing this 1967 coupe shell that has most body work complete including sandblasting and epoxy. I was hoping to get an idea from the experts on about how much it's worth. Ebay link below (hope sharing this doesn't backfire on me :) )

Ford Mustang None | eBay
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I think they are asking to much for a coupe shell it missing everything no OG engine i would pay like two grand and less
This car does not look like any work has been done. There are lots of holes in the floor and the firewall is beat. The trunk and around the gas tank can be mess. But like they said, blasted and primed, and that is all you are getting. You will spend a fortune to get this on the road, unless you already have a full car to swap the parts over. Even that gets pricey. Not sure what you need or your intentions.
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Thanks for the advice. They do say the panel with holes was replaced. But I agree the price is too high.

I was originally looking for a car in decent shape for a restomod Coyote project. Ultimately I think I'd end up replacing almost everything so figured this might be a good starting point.

But I'm still new to this search and have much to learn.
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There's no way they can make money on this. I would feel bad paying anymore than $2k, and even then, that's only if I had another car with all the remaining parts to transfer.
Wow, it's over $4000 now with the auction ending this afternoon. Someone is getting screwed. They have it for sale on another website for $2950.
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