When California sinks into the sea, it’ll take a lot of the motoring history that’s tucked away in corners of the state with it. This particular piece of history, at least, survived the fires and found a home in Jay Leno’s Garage.

Just a temporary one, though. The car is owned by a company called Putnam Leasing, which asked Leno if they could store it in his garage while they looked for a more permanent home. It pays to know people.

Leno said yes and decided to feature it on his channel since he’d never done an original S/C model before. So here it is. The tenth of 23 427 S/C models.

The car competed in a couple of championships and has thus been repaired. It isn’t numbers matching original, but according to Leno any substitutions were either done in period or are for drivability. The exhausts have been made street legal, the gas tank is new, and there’s an electric fan on the radiator.

The important stuff, though, is all original and Leno says it’s like driving a hand grenade.