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Saw a new Shelby on the road-NOT!!!!!

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I was driving my new Stang GT one day when I spot what looked like a new Shelby going into a parking lot, and since there are test cars driving around Los Angeles sometimes, I thought that I would give it a look. After a quick U-turn, I caught up behind him in the parking lot, turned off the radio to listen to the exhaust...wait a minute, single muffler! No throaty rumble.... Oh no!!!!! Another V6 wannabee!!!! I parked along side the chubby middle aged man, and felt like saying what the f#*%!!!! He had the ducktail spoiler, and even had glue on letters saying SHELBY on it!!!! He admired my car, I said thanks, and I played ignorant and said "is that the new Shelby?" "No, it's just a V6" he said, but he liked the look of the new Shelby. Oh well, I thought that the wannabe V6'ers who make their cars look like GT's were bad!!!!!! This reminds me of the craze sweeping middle eastern men here in LA where they would take a Fiero, and put on a Testerossa body kit on it..... Kind of a Fierorrari!!!!!!! Stop the madness!!!:confused:
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Hey, hey, hey.. don't knock on the v6's :mad: .. Although, even as a v6 driver myself I may have been a little irked as well. There is nothing wrong with the wheels, the kit or whatever look you want to put on it - I just hate when people put the badging on the car. I've seen V6's that were damn fast, and looked just like GT's, but never actually tried to be one, the ones I see I just laugh at. I am a V6 owner, and a damn proud one just like most other people, but NEVER would try to be a wannabe of either a GT, a Shelby, Rousch or Saleen.

Some people just have no sense.
that he did, haha. I have a Geo Metro that has a BMW symbol on the back. Its a "point A to point B" car. I find that funny.

But like I previously stated, and as another few have also. Body kits are ok, as long as you don't badge them as something they're not.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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