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Description: Professional Series Charger - 6 or 12 Volt Automatic Battery Charger

Part #: FC40 - 40 Amp or 2 Amp - with 225Amp Jump/Cranking Start

A charger for the Professional or very serious home mechanic. Not the cheap junk you find at the local auto parts store that just looks nice. A "SOLID" metal case that weighs in at a hefty 42 pounds. All copper wound, Solid-State silicon diode rectifiers mounted on copper heatsinks. Let's just say, the charger is well made!

Need a fast charge? How about 40 Amps! That will get the average auto battery charged in just over an hour! Want to slow charge a small battery? Not a problem with the 2 Amp trickle. Car won't start? Roll this baby out to the driveway with it's 225 Cranking and the problem is solved. Choose 6 or 12 Volts.

If you need a charger that does "everything" and you are serious about the equipment you put in your garage or shop, this charger is for you!

Other Features include: Overload and reverse polarity protection. Built in 1 hour timer and charging mode select swtiches on front panel. Can be used on any auto, truck, or deep cycle batteries. Flooded, maintenance free, gel cell, and VRLA.

12 Volt, 2/40/225 Amp - UL Listed, Dimensions: 29" x 15" x 11" 42 Pounds

For more information visit Manufacturers Website or click Buy It Now to purchase product.


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When you have a few Mustangs like me, add in a lawn mower and other equipment, I just decided I needed to add a professional shop charger to my tool list.

This baby does it all. Like an Air Compressor, I find that once you have a tool like this, you wonder why you waited so long to get one. Going down to the local repair shop to have a battery fast charged in hurry is a pain. And waiting for AAA to come jump start you when a family member leaves the inside lights in the car, resulting in a dead battery, just when you need to go some place is also a nightmare. This charger has an Jump Start feature. Just roll it out to the car, give it a jump and you are off.

Well worth having.

ProsSolid Metal, Rolls, Charges Everything
ConsA little on the heavy side
Would you recommend?yes
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