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SCT SF3 Tuner (Bama/AM)

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If I buy an unlocked tuner from someone, can I get the Free Custom Tunes from Bama on AM? It will let me order it, but will they just not make a tune for me (or charge me $150) since I didn't buy my tuner from them?
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I believe they will want to charge you $150 to be entered into the free tunes for life program. You have to have a member number to order a free tune.

Where did you buy the tuner from?
Now on to some more questions that may be important. Did your uncle return his truck to the stock tune before giving you the tuner and selling the truck? If not, the tuner will still be married to the truck and won't work on your car. You'll have to call up SCT and see if they can unlock the tuner for you. There may be a fee for doing so.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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