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SCT x3 problemsays

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I have a laptop with windows 7 starter. I was sent custom files from Steeda today, and I cannot for the life of me to get the computer to communicate with the device. It says "Device Communication Failed"

So, to confirm, I did everything right, installed software first, plugged it in, at first nothing at all happened then after a while it said found new hardware and that it was installed successfully. After I launched the software it said update available do you want to install? I said yes, the download completed then nothing happens, it won't communicate with the laptop. I can't get it to read serial number or anything.

I've looked in the device manager and it shows "Jungo" and the sctx3 driver. What else can I do? This thing is pissing me right the F off.
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thanks for the reply. After messing with it for over 3 hours I decided to try a friends computer and it worked without a hitch. My laptop is almost new as well. You have to love that. I was ready to lose it. I updated the tuner and installed the custom tunes without a hitch. I am now on the SCT x3 bandwagon.

Bye-bye Diablosport. The Diablosport was still a pretty good little tuner though. I can't really say anything bad about it.

Now I just have to install the delete plates and underdrive pulleys and pick up some 4.10 gears and then head back over to Luskville to see how much of an improvement I make from a lousy 13.9 My goal is 12's this year before supercharging next year. I wonder if I can do it? :laugh:
Yeah, it's the tune that makes the tuner, not the tuner itself. I just discovered after using the SCT. The Diablosport had alot more options to tinker with. The SCT "strategy" tune that comes pre-loaded on the tuner actually has the majority of things that a custom tune file would offer. I had no idea it was pre-loaded because the guy I bought it from made it sound like I would need to load tunes to it so I called Steeda in a 911 panic begging for tunes! The X3 works right out of the package with a long list of different vehicles.

The strategy tune worked just as well as the custom Steeda tune, I only have "light" mods and the strategy tune would work well for almost anyone that isn't supercharged. You can turn off rear 02s, there's the cmdp on off, etc. The instructions say it has cooling fan on/off temps but I cannot find that anywhere on mine. I can't find idle rpm either. But I'm glad I have the SCT.

The guy I bought the Saleen pulleys from went with a Saleen supercharger and he told me that before he went supercharged, with his udp and c&l racer and 4.30 gears he would run 12.7 all day and won 1st place in semi-pro. So I'm sure it can be done! 4.30 in a manual car with line lock and 3500 stall. You'd definitely have your hands full haha
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I wanted to ask other folks with the SCT x3 what the deal is with the "user adjustable options."

In the (ha-ha) manual, for the 05-06 Mustang GT (listed at the bottom of the page under user adjustment options) it states that the user adjustable options include Speed Limiter, Idle Drive, Idle Neutral, Shift Point 1-2, Shift Point 2-3, Shift Point 3-4, Shift Firmness 1-2, Shift Firmness 2-3, Shift Firmness 3-4, Rev Limiter, Cooling Fans. (there are others but my question centers around these specifically)

So as most probably already know, the SCT x3 comes pre-loaded with a strategy tune for different supported vehicles. It clearly says in black and white that the options listed above are available for 05-06 Gt's, but they are not on my tuner. On friday, when I picked up the tuner, I loaded the strategy tune to the car, and although I am able to modify different parameters, I can't access the ones that are listed above, they are not in the list of modifiable options. I can adjust different things like gear ratio, rear o2's, cmdp, traction control, type of airbox, WOT fuel, that's about it. So where are the rest of these options that the manual states you can modify?

I am not interested in top speed limiter or anything, I am more interested in things like the cooling fan on/off and idle rpm, for example.

On saturday I received custom Steeda tunes and loaded the 93-94 Octane tune and again, same instance. There are parameters I can change, like shift firmness, gear ratio, traction control, and a few others, but I can't access things that are listed in the strategy tune. This is really irritating to me. There is no consistency to any of this, the manual says one thing, the strategy tune allows another, and the custom tune file offers even less and differs from the other 2. (manual vs pre-loaded strategy tune)

Is it true that the tune file is what gives you access to these parameters?

I think it's ridiculous that something like idle rpm is made available or not by the person or company who issues the tune file.
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So, after talking with Steeda I have learned that it's "at their discretion" what options are turned on or off with the tuner. - same with at the SCT dealer. From what I understood, and will seek clarification from SCT on, is that even different SCT dealers can program the parameters as they see fit as well. I am not sure that is correct but I will find the answer.

While I understand that some options are already optimized and don't need to be changed, if the tuner itself ships with x number or specific modifiable parameters (while usable or beneficial or not to the user) who decides this? I don't think it's right for ANY third party company to assume that anything is "at their discretion", if the product ships from the manufacturer with specific options - it should stay active. If a company wants to create a custom tune file because of performance and modifications, they can do so, but don't remove different options because of your belief that they don't need it (or might degrade engine performance or cause damage. I don't see how lowering idle rpm can blow my engine up, but IF YOU SAY SO....) They shouldn't be able to decide that. If I want to lower my idle rpm because it's 200 rpms to high (in my opinion) and I can't do it because X company takes it away - but I can with a strategy tune (to be determined) - that is some serious *********.

It's the same thing as buying a car from a third party company and the rear defroster doesn't work, they disabled it because it doesn't snow in Florida. And you ask them why, they say "it's at our discretion." While I will have to accept how it is, I definitely don't agree with it.
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