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SCT x3 problemsays

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I have a laptop with windows 7 starter. I was sent custom files from Steeda today, and I cannot for the life of me to get the computer to communicate with the device. It says "Device Communication Failed"

So, to confirm, I did everything right, installed software first, plugged it in, at first nothing at all happened then after a while it said found new hardware and that it was installed successfully. After I launched the software it said update available do you want to install? I said yes, the download completed then nothing happens, it won't communicate with the laptop. I can't get it to read serial number or anything.

I've looked in the device manager and it shows "Jungo" and the sctx3 driver. What else can I do? This thing is pissing me right the F off.
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What are you trying to get it to read ?

The way mine works, is I downloaded the SCT Device Updater, and I update etc from there. Do you have that downloaded from SCT's website? That is what you use to load tunes etc.
Now I just have to install the delete plates and underdrive pulleys and pick up some 4.10 gears and then head back over to Luskville to see how much of an improvement I make from a lousy 13.9 My goal is 12's this year before supercharging next year. I wonder if I can do it? :laugh:
lol, sounds like me, I am hellbent on reaching the 12's.even though my track is pretty high above sea level and it's always slower than everywhere else it seems.. I ran a 13.8 w/cai and bama race tune, and street tires. since then, I've installed steeda udp's and cmdp's. I've got a 4:10 in the works as well as long tubes. I won't be supercharging next year though. maybe in a couple years. oh yeah, on topic! lol the sct is a great tuner. I love mine, and the datalogging is cool if you know what you're looking at. (I don't)
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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