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SCT x3 problemsays

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I have a laptop with windows 7 starter. I was sent custom files from Steeda today, and I cannot for the life of me to get the computer to communicate with the device. It says "Device Communication Failed"

So, to confirm, I did everything right, installed software first, plugged it in, at first nothing at all happened then after a while it said found new hardware and that it was installed successfully. After I launched the software it said update available do you want to install? I said yes, the download completed then nothing happens, it won't communicate with the laptop. I can't get it to read serial number or anything.

I've looked in the device manager and it shows "Jungo" and the sctx3 driver. What else can I do? This thing is pissing me right the F off.
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Try using a different USB port on your laptop. It will reinstall the driver for it. Had to do the same thing with mine.
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