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SCT X4 has almost no options

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I've just bought SCT X4 for my 2011 3.7. But even after all updates etc. there are no options for intake (only stock and STEEDA), option "headers" is not here, throttle body also not. There is just "fuel octane", diff gear ration, revs/ mile, idle neutral, idle gear.
And that is all. Does anybody know, what is wrong or what should I do? Others have same engine and they have at least 5 or 6 different intakes, BBK shorty headers, BBK throttle body ..... etc etc..
Thank you.
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I think it depends on who you bought it from, and what programming modifications they did before they sent it to you.

Did you buy it from Steeda with their intake, by any chance?
No no, it is not from any aftermarket company. It is from tuning company, but they said me via email, that all that will be there.. But it isn't.
What "tuning company" -- SCT themselves?

Maybe you are already aware -- many "tuners" resell those devices with their tunes pre-installed, and when they do that, they sometimes change or limit the default options that would be available on the device if purchased direct from SCT.

If they told you those options would be there but they are not, it seems like a follow-up e-mail back to the same person might be a good way to get a clear answer.
Steeda locks down the hand held and tune when they ship the hand held with their tune. You are expected to contact them for revisions for other mods.

If you back up the Steeda tune on you computer then do a factory reset you will get access back to the SCT canned tunes and all the options they offer. But the Steeda tune will not be able to be modified if you load it back onto the hand held.

Some tuners will allow you to make some changes to their tunes others like Steeda don't.

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