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SCT Xcal2

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I am fixen to buy the SCT Xcal2 and a cai together and im not quite getting the SCT so if you buy the Xcal2 do u have to buy diff tunes to even change the diff setings on it or is it like a programmer for a truck just plug it in and do what you want if you could help understang this better and tunes and flashes i would appreciate it thanks
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SCT has MANY tunes avail for free! Most mods you buy/do will have tunes for free... You can also just plug it in and change what you wanna change. Or a professional tuner can do it for you on a dyno for the ultimate effect/tune...
cccole said:
Where are the free tunes? How could I get ahold of one? I picked up an XCal2 and haven't had a successful flash with it yet. Almost feel like I burned $400.
If you got a tuner for the 05 Mustang there should be three tunes in there for stock applications. Otherwise you can look at and/or contact them.
Dubl10 said:
How do you just plug and play and your off? Where do you plug it in at. Is it similar to plugging in a Jet Chip??
You plug it in under the dash, right at you knee... then it's just to answer the questions and you're on your way...!
2k5stang said:
wish I could find free tunes, I have paid for all my tunes!!!!
You'd have to get help from the mod manufacturer. Like ProCharger, etc. Or know a tuner, or somebody with the tuners software and the tune you need, or at least know the values you need. You still need your own tuner though as those are car specific. SCT does not really deal with the customer rather with their professional tuners that sell their product... not for free... Sorry if I was unclear earlier! Many like to see imediate resoults and pretty much pay for the dyno time and get the tunes... or the other way around... :rolleyes:
I felt I should be a bit more specific... When you buy a tuner you chose who's tune you're going to use! I'm sure Steeda, C&L, JLT, etc. have great tunes, prolly custom made by SCT for their units...

But then what? What if they don't have a tune for your aplication after you add mods...?? that's when you need a tuner... that's why you should buy your tuner from a professional tuner!! Sure you can get the tuner with the three stock tunes for $375 some places, why is it $400 from tuning shops? Because they know they'll owe you, they'll take care of you! It's part of the deal!

Then you call with your Steeda provided or $375 tuner and want a free tune... guess what, it's 100 bucks! So think twice before buying your tuner! I bought my CAI and brought it to my tuner, bought my tuner INCLUDING his services and +100 tunes later I'm happy as can be!

For you who allready have a tuner maybe the $100 would be worth it to build a relationship and be taken care of after future mods... that's what I was thinking about when I talk about 'free tunes' and the tuner have acces to SCT's tunes, and 'tuning ideas' through STC from other tuners...
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