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Scuffed Dash

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Hi all,

Yep. I waited and waited for my IUP order to be filled. Love all that brushed aluminum. Doesn't look so sharp now that I've scuffed the hell out of my glove box door :doh:. It's a 4" long grind that I can't seem to buff out . I've tried wax, WD40, and a load of elbow grease but it still looks nasty.

Any ideas?

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Gig4Fun said:
Can you post a picture of it. Take a pic with the flash set to off and just illuminate it good. That is a start....
Not a great shot. Dark rainy day and all. The scuff goes from the qhite splotch down and to the right. It sticks out like a sore thumb.



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Yes. My bad. Panel above. Same material.

Gig4Fun said:
your post says the glove box door... but is it the panel above it and below the aluminum panel?
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