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Scuffed Dash

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Hi all,

Yep. I waited and waited for my IUP order to be filled. Love all that brushed aluminum. Doesn't look so sharp now that I've scuffed the hell out of my glove box door :doh:. It's a 4" long grind that I can't seem to buff out . I've tried wax, WD40, and a load of elbow grease but it still looks nasty.

Any ideas?

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Can you post a picture of it. Take a pic with the flash set to off and just illuminate it good. That is a start....
weird, I stopped at my dealer today and saw a vert on the floor. My wife sat in it and the sales manager worked the top up/down and I SAW a horizontal SCUFF on the lower piece that says "air bag" (it was not IUP) and I also could see where they took something that must have been like a pencil eraser and went over it and made it worse.... Odd this was a new car on the showroom floor. I pointed it out to the manager and he didn't really show any reaction to it that gave me an idea he cared about it or would get it looked at / fixed. It would bug me enough to have them order in a new panel if I bought it.
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your post says the glove box door... but is it the panel above it and below the aluminum panel?
critguy said:
Yes. My bad. Panel above. Same material.
only difference is ... the GB door you could swap out !

A friend of mine was a detailer and they had many tricks that were used to "cover up" stuff in an interior. I wish someone else was answering this thread with soemthing real for you. I am thinking that it could be re-dyed. When I changed body panels out (I owned a shop '81 to '96) some panels came one color (usually black) they were spayed with vinyl (mixed at the paint dealer) and I spayed them to match the factory color. You may have to spray it. The stuff is weird smelling and it "melds" into the surface. That may be an option. Have you taken it to a detail shop for their opinion?
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