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I was wondering if anyone has used Seafoam in their engine before? If so, how well does it work?
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Sorry to recomend another site but lot of sea foam talk here:
I had a can of Seafoam in my cabinet with all my other chemicals. I just ran 1/3 of a can in the vacuum system of my mustang and let it sit for 5 minutes. Ran the car after and got one huge carbonic smoke show! Put the rest of the can in the gas tank and filled it up. We'll see what improvements I get from idle, etc...

I've used Seafoam for years and never had issue with it. I am switching to the STP version of Seafoam for my vehicles to see how well it works. It is supposed to work a heckuva lot better than Seafoam. I'll be the guinea pig and try it out then post results.
Some people say it works wonders. Some people say it's a waste of money. Personally, I've had mixed results, but mainly nothing.

Putting it through the air intake system never really did anything but create a bunch of smoke. I never noticed any performance improvements. I was more afraid of fouling spark plugs than anything else.

Putting it in the crank case, driving it for a while, and then immediately changing the oil only seems beneficial if you're using crap oil. I suppose this would be a good idea if you're putting it into a vehicle that has sludge buildup, or has been neglected. If you change your oil regularly and use synthetic, it seems like a waste here too.

The only other place I would consider putting seafoam is in the fuel. I don't see any harm in it as a fuel additive, and it would help stabilize if you got a bad batch of gas in the tank, but then again, so would sta-bil or dry-gas.
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