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Sealant On bolts?

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I'm putting a head on an ho motor for my 68 coupe . With new head bolts do they need any sealant or is the white crap already on the bolts fine? Also do the intake bolts need any sealant? I only trust Indian head so wod putting that on the bolts hurt or help or do nothing ? Thanks
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If the bolts are going into a water passage you should put thread sealant on them. I just use the Permatex white thread dressing.
Wire brush the old teflon off of them and use new liquid teflon for water passage bolts. If you know that any other bolts are open so that oil could get by them, use rtv black on them. I do that on every customer's vehicle as a "comeback preventative".
the "white crap" on the NEW bolts is sealer. they do not need any additional sealer. if you are re-using old bolts, then yes. the intake bolts do not need anything. if you feel better with some indian head on them, go ahead. won't hurt anything.
Yep, missed that. You can leave the new bolts alone.
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