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sending unit help

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can anyone please tell me how to wire my sending unit? i dont know if i run a wire from my sending unit to power then to the gauge or how it works.
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Hello 68mustangguy,
FIRST - -welcome to the sight - you will learn a LOT here.

The wiring diagrams RF is refering to can be found pretty easy.
Open the MAIN page of this sight - - then go to the forums - -from there chose
the classic TECH section.
At the top of this section - -you will see a THREAD for diagrams. It sits just above the
solid bar. I think you will find it and in time you will understand better and easier just takes a little getting used to.

As for your issue - -WHAT are you trying to do?
Are you replacing a FUEL sending unit that already has wires or are you
re-wiring a car? It would make helping a LOT easier.

The sending unit for the FUEL is located inside the tank on a factory set-up.
The hot wire will be there and the ground is through the tank into the frame.
So one wires (hot) feeds the sending unit and the unit grounds to the car IF this
is a factory set-up.
If doing a complete re-wire - -need to refer to the diagrams

Let us know
Print Dad
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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