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Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

This is my first time posting one of our events on this site. Check it out for anyone in the So Cal area. This cruise has been posted on a bunch of local stang boards and we are sittign at around 60 signups right now.

If you don't know about my friends and I go to and check it out. You will want to see the videos to see what some of our past cruises were like. Hope to see you guys out there. If anyone comes out, please come introduce yourself to us.

It’s time for another road cruise through beautiful Southern California. We have decided that an excellent substitute for San Diego would be Santa Barbara. We had such a great time going up there last time with a wonderful turn out and a huge section of the parking lot roped off just for us. We are hoping we get the same treatment this time around, as so many of you enjoyed it last time.

We will have the cameras out for this cruise. We plan on taking as much footage as possible. We are interested in doing interviews with muscle car owners of all types and generations. Our goal is to take multiple interviews of owners and their cars ranging from new owners with little to no mods, to the average bolt on car, to high horsepower NA and FI owners as well as any show cars that may be out there. A video will be cut for this cruise and the video is also going to be planned on being used for a larger release.

We will be cruising up the PCH this time. We will be taking a nice scenic route up to our lunch spot as opposed to the usual 101 North. Our meeting place will be at the shopping center just south of Pepperdine University (same spot we all met up at in April of this year). We will then cruise up the PCH towards Santa Barbara.

Time Line
8:30am – 9:15am: Meeting Location - 23841 Malibu Rd., Malibu, Ca 90265
Parking area in front of Ralph’s & Sav-Ons
9:15am – 9:45am: Begin cruise to Lunch Location (see above for route details)
10:45am – 11:30am: Arrive at Chili’s - 6950 Market Place Dr. Goleta, CA 93117

We will be eating at Chili’s Restaurant in Goleta. The address is 6950 Market Place Drive, Goleta, CA 93117. We will hopefully have roped off parking spaces like we did last time. I will post the details when we get them in. We will be in a huge parking lot, so as tempting as it may be, try not to do too many burnouts and NO donuts. The security will most likely report us, and we don’t want that.

After lunch, we will be heading out on an additional cruise. Randy (mystifi) helped us with a great route last time and we will be doing it in reverse this time around. We want to thank all of the Santa Barbara people who have assisted with this.

As usual, direction will be posted as soon as everything is straightened out. We will also have plain text directions ready to hand out the day of the cruise.

This cruise as well as anything that The Stable Productions is associated with is open to all muscle car enthusiasts out there. Mustang fans of all years as well as any other make and models are welcome to come, so bring out your Ford, Chrysler, GM and high end/exotic import buddies also. We ask all that show up to show the same respect to other participants as they would like to be shown to themselves, regardless of the type of car they drive.

Anyone who attends this cruise agrees to take responsibility for their own actions. Burnouts, speeding, and unsafe driving should only be done if you are willing to deal with the consequences. We do not endorse nor encourage these type of driving behaviors.

Everyone mark down September 23rd on your calendars.

As always, we would love to hit 100 or more cars. Sign up and come out and enjoy the road with us.

3) )

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