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Sequential Turn Signal Kits?

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I checked out the WEB Electric site and they have 2 kits for the 05 Mustang the Pre Wired and the one you wire yourself. Has anyone used either of these kits? If so which one and how do you like them?
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I purchased the prewired kit and it is real easy to install. Took about 20 minutes. The prewired kit is literally plug and play. I believe the vendor will refund $40.00 if you send back your two rear harnesses making the kit fairly reasonable. I would recommend highly as it sure gives anyone behind you a clear indication of your intentions.
I installed the pre-wired sequential turn signals a couple of weeks ago. Took about 30-40 minutes tops. Installing the 3rd brake light pulser this evening. Have had several compliments so far. Pretty neat stuff.
can someone please link the kit's you speak of?

click on 'sequential turn signals'

halfway down the page for the 2005
Somebody a few posts back asked about them, here is what I posted then. Hope it helps.

Hey, I just installed the sequential kit from I bought them off their site. You may know they offer a kit for $179. which comes with a modified harness. You can send your orginal back and get a $40 refund. That means $139 but if you'll pay a few bucks to ship your harness back so assume $145 or so.
I bought the kit from them for $89. There was no shipping so just $89 total.
I had it in 2 days (He sent it Priority Mail)
This kit requires you to make a few connections.
I had it installed in 30 minutes. The instructions were so detailed since it was specifically for our car 2005 Mustang. There were no extra parts to buy. You just need some basic tools to snipe a wire , a socket wrench.
All the mods are behind a panel in the trunk. You cant see them. You basically take the black plastic cover off the inside of the trunk, reach in and unbolt the 3 nuts that hold your taillight in place. Slide out the light and remove the harness. It takes a few minutes to snip a couple wires and connect them with the leads form the module that the kit has. Then just reinstall. It seemed too easy so I went even slower thinking I was missing something and it only took a half hour or so.

I can't imagine anything really happening to ruin the vehicle or cause a service call. Unless you don't wrap a connection well and it grounds out. At that point you will just be replacing a fuse. I don't think a voided warranty would result. From what I notice on this site, there are a lot of idiot dealerships out there and pleanty of good ones too. You never can tell.
People always add to their vehicles. I guess ask yourself
If wiring a Trailer plug onto your vehicle/truck does not void a warranty, why should this???? If wiring Fog lights into your car, or wiring a new stereo or speakers...why should this?

The way I see it, I saved about $55 bucks and had it done in less then an hour. I also did the mod myself which is kind of a cool thing when somebody can at least feel good that you did some actual wiring and got your hands a tad dirty
That $55 will go towards louvers or some other mod now. $55 plus the satisfaction of tackling a project means more to me than to others. If you have the means...($$$$$$$)or are uncomfortable with basic wiring then by all means....go the easy route and get the completed harness.

I am totally satisified with their product
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Had them before I got the car a very sweet mod a lot of 05 owners ask me how them. Well worth the money and a very easy install. About 20 mins max. I got the pre wiried kit also. :yup: :yup:
I took have them from WebElectric and love them. In fact, I also had a set from them on my 99 Mustang!

Takes just about 20 minutes to install, and you are set to go. The pre-wired is definately the way to go.
Modify flasher?

Did you guys have to modify the flasher to slow it down? I had to do this on my 99. To get the lamps to fully sequence, I had to modify the electronic flasher to slow it down by changing out a capacitor.
I had to do the same thing with my '99 Stang, but not on the '05. The kit for the '05 is just a harness, and it works perfectly.
Thanks Fryguy_pa. I built my own sequencers for my 99 and am going to put them into my 05 as soon as it arrives.
I just received and installed a set of pre-wired sequential turn signal harnesses from WebElectric. The old ones are back in the mail....for the $40.00 rebate. The plug N play. installation only took 30 minutes and work great!
My GT is on a railcar somewhere around Kansas City but I followed one on the freeway today and the turn signals only appear to illuminate two of the three segments. Does the sequencer run all three of the segments? anyone have video?

The sequential kit lights all three lights. I will try and capture it and post it, that is if no one else beats me to it.

The picture posted on the WebElectric web site is close, but the speed is a little slower.

On my kit ($89). the bulb socket that typically does not blink/brake only has 2 wires going to it. There is a slot for a third. You have to slip a wire with a connector into the empty slot and now it is just like the other 3.
It was very easy!
Attached are some .MOV files zipped up that demonstrate the turn-signals.

One file is of both turn signals using the Hazard switch and the other is just of a single turn signal. I took these using my digital camera in movie mode, so they are QuickTime movies.



That looks terrific! Thanks for your efforts.
I bet that would look great with LED taillights, they should really pop then.
just got my kit from webelectric.

* Installation was really easy (<30 minutes).
* Directions were 95% accurate--you need to remove the plastic cover over the tailgate, which is not mentioned.
* The plastic cover thing is held into place by 2 torx plastic screws and 4 push fasteners. The 4 push fasteners will probably break--they are one time use things, so it looks like a visit to the dealer for replacements (probably cost 50 cents each)

Anyway, everything works great, looks good, and most importantly fit great.
Those push fastners that you refer to are reusable. You just need to pull on the center lightly and they will pop out.
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