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Sequential Video ?

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ok so i am considering the seq. tail light kits, but i would love to see a video of them before i buy. any body got on, can make one or know where i can see one? that would be great thanks

in addition what is the closest kit to plug and play out there.
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The most popular kit seems to be the one by WebElectrics. Here is a gif of the turn signal:

And here is a link to a movie from Roboz, showing the brake light sequence:

I personally do not like the brake light sequence. Maybe it's just me, but if I have to slam em down, I don't want the 0.5 sec it takes for the bonehead behind me to realize what all those flashy lights mean. You have to admit, during that one sequence, a driver behind you could misinterpret them as a hazard signal, or simply get distracted by a sight he isn't used to seeing. That half a second could mean the difference between him coming to a safe stop or riding up into your ass end. I would get them if they had a feature to disable the brake light sequence however, because they are pretty cool looking. :)
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Yeah that is what they do. The turn signal effect by itself is pretty cool, but it's almost like the designers of that kit said, "oh lets see what all other lights we can make do weird ****". I think it's kind of going overboard at best and potentially unsafe at worst. I'm not sure of how any other kits operate.
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