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Serious Issues with Clutch. Need help

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I have a 1999 Mustang GT 4.6l

Hey guys, so I can't find any information on this anywhere else...

I burn my clutch about 3 weeks ago, I was going into third and it like kind off went half way and than BAMF the pedal go soft, it was hard to go into gear, the clutch smelled all of it.

So I ordered a RAM, Clutch, RAM Flyhweel, NEW pilot and Throw out bearings and a STEEDA Clutch cable.

I had ALL the parts installed a t VERY reputable shop 2 days ago. I drive for 2 days and just last night the SAME thing happens... I'm shifting into third and again, the pedal got soft, and I could not put the car into gear at all, like i had to turn the car off, put it into gear and drive home.

I talked to my mechanic and he said that it could be a faulty part or that my cable / quadrant are not releasing the disc completely and therefore burning my clutch disc.

I'm not sure of what's going on :( I'm so stressed out about this. What can cause my clutches to burn burn up like that...

I need some help here.
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Sounds like the throw out bearing is getting stuck on the retainer shaft on the front of the trans. This should have been cleaned and lubed when the clutch was replaced.
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