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Serious loss of power tried a few things please help.

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Hello all! I'm new to this forum and would like some of your wisdom. I have a 2001 3.8l 5spd.

I recently had it in the shop due to a loss of power and one of my cylinders going dead in heavy rain. The day this happened I was driving in the rain and I can tell I'm dragging a cylinder. Not a new problem to me, sooner or later the car dries out and it runs better. So it dries out and the engine is running like normal. Then a little while later there is this sort of "pop" and my power and acceleration just go to pot.

I took it to the mechanic and he changed the plugs, wires, and distributor coil pack thing. He recommended changing the o2 sensors and the maf to help with the power loss but at the time I couldn’t afford it.

Well I've since changed both of the upstream o2 sensors and the maf but to no avail. I still have very little power and terrible acceleration and it's accompanied by a constant yet sporadic ticking sound and really terrible smelling exhaust.

The CEL is still on for one of the upstream o2 sensors and every so often it flashes indicating a misfire. I work as a driver for Domino’s so I need my car, not to mention I don’t like it why my baby is sick…
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Have the converters checked. One or more of them might be cloged. A muffler shop can do a pressure check on them.
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