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Service manual for 1976 Cobra II 2.8L?

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I bought my 1976 Cobra a few months ago, and it's come time to do some wrenching as the fuel pump has gone out. I was wondering if anyone has a PDF of a service manual, or a parts diagram for this car? I know I can chase fuel lines and all that jazz, but I prefer to look at maps before getting into things, and I'm not a professional mechanic, so it also helps me feel more confident.
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It turns out, the fuel pump isn't the issue the wiring associated with the pump isn't getting any juice, so therefore no pump. I replaced the wiring and nothing has changed, but the fuse seems to be intact. I haven't replaced it yet, but I checked it out and it looks fine.

Currently at a loss.

Also, thank you so much for your reply.
I went underneath the car and looked at the tank, and it looked as if it had an in-tank electric fuel pump. I obviously could be totally wrong on this one. I'm going back up there Sunday to make sure I'm not completely being an idiot on this one.

Luckily, I just ordered a Hayne's manual for it that should arrive on Monday.

I get the feeling I don't know what's up from down with this car. The fuse box is super awkward, I definitely couldn't find a mechanical fuel pump to replace under the hood, and it really does look like the tank has an electric fuel pump in it.
You were absolutely right on all accounts. This car hasn't been modified at all aside from replacing parts that have worn themselves out over time.

I've gone through all the lines, I've tested the pump separately and it seems to be working, so I'm not entirely sure what I'm encountering here anymore. This whole thing definitely has me scratching my head.
Also, thank you for your responses. I just got the manual in on Friday, but I have a feeling I'll still be looking for outside information.
So, I replaced the mechanical fuel pump with a new one and it is running pretty well, but still occasionally shuts off. I wonder if this is just something that I'll have to acclimate to if I use a mechanical fuel pump?
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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