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shaker 1000 better than after market???

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k so heres the a chick...and was robbed at conception of the skills that you lovely boys have when it comes to this kind of lets just pretend i know what im talking about and move on...

k so i bought an 05 GT Premium Convertable stick, cuz its hot...and well...THAT'S IT, i got this brilliant idea to add my Qlogic box of jl audios and my jl audio amp to the shaker system it had in it someone said that i could either buy a converter whatchamadoodle or i could just buy a new stereo, so of course i got side tracked by pretty little lights and colors and gadgets and gizmos and bought a new stereo...WHICH SOUNDS LIKE **** because my in door woofers...DONT NOW i was told that i wont get my in door woofers to work because they need to be rewired, with an additional amp, or i could just wait for a few months and supposedly there is a harness/plug thingamajig that will plug the stock amp that those woofers are connected to, into my new aftermarket stereo...IS THIS TRUE??? someone help me, theres nobody out here i can trust..and ive tried growin a penis and thats not working out too well...
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Apparently the harness kit to adapt a aftermarket stereo to the factory amps isnt out yet but call the tech line @ Scosche 1-800-621-3695 and they should be able to give you one that will work. They are the only place Ive seen thus far thats claiming to have a harness kit to do just that. If they cant help get you a harness your only options are:

A: replacing the factory amps and speakers. If the speakers in the shaker 1000 were done like the ones in the mach 460 systems then they are 6 ohm speakers and you'd wanna go with 4 ohm.

B: Putting the factory unit back in. If your looking for a unit to hook things like a Ipod or MP3 jukebox to they make a adapter to connect to your factory unit to do just that. You can also hook your JL subs and amp to the factory unit.

C: Wait for places like Best Buy and such to start carrying the harness kit you'll need to hook the aftermarket stereo to the factory amps.
I've since deal w/ this issue, but appreciate your reply. What I ended up doing was replacing my door sub/mids w/ jl audio subs and have to jl amps one going to my w7's in my trunk and the other going to the ones in my newest aftermarket deck has the whole dvd ipod navi im very happy w/ it all it took a while to find someone that could find decent subs to fit where i needed them but it sounds super sweet. I hope you're happy w/ your car, i still am which is saying a lot its the only car that i've owned longer than nine months and am keeping it at least until something better comes waiting for the camaro as I will become a trader if chevy delivers what they're claiming...=
I know this thread is old...But I'll answer anyway. :)

I replaced my Shaker 1000 within 1 week. I knew I would, but thought I'd give it a fair shot.

Mine would almost like skip when playing an mp3 CD, not skip like you hear it, but there would be like a small fraction of the song missing. I like my music, and know most of my CDs and songs very very well, and can tell when a small piece is missing. Like I said, it didn't really "skip" as much as just left out like a 1/2 second of material here and there.

Plus I had a nice JVC stereo with my Sirius and all, plus it took SD memory cards as well as CDs. So I replaced it.

Also, took out the factory amps in the rear, and put in my old amp, left in the factory subs for now, and disconnected the door subs, it was too much, and the adapter I got for them, made them "pop" when you turned the car on and off, which I didn't like.

I'm looking at a DVD/Nav with a hard drive system next.

I hate carrying my CDs in the car, so I look for ways not to. :)
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