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since my other threads dont want to work for some reason ill see if i can get any hits on my intro thread.

i just bought this 2 din deck for the ole stang Clarion Mobile Electronics CX501 - 2-DIN CD/Bluetooth/USB Receiver: Electronics
i think its a really good deck for the money. but doing some research on swaping radios in mustangs i found out we need a spacial harness to keep the factory amps and speakers working right so i got this Metra 70-5521 Radio Wiring Harness for Ford 03-Up Amp: Electronics
Will this work?

another thing i came across in my adventure is that the amps are 5v and the car will put out 12v so i need some dohicky from radioshack to keep the amps from popping, but i noticed that my new deck has 4v preamp setup or somthing of the i safe or should i get the converter?

anything u guys think i should know about swaping my deck would be greatly apreciated seeing as this is my first adventure with a Mustang..

Welcome to AFM! I'll move this to the Audio and Alarms section for you and get you some help.

Thanks for joining!
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