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Shaker 500 Question

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I've noticed that when playing a "bought" CD or an MP3 I lose the last 3 - 5 seconds od each track and it changes to the next track without ever completing the previous track. I know for certain I have a 1st generation Shaker 500 and wonder if this is indicative of a problem? I have not had my car in to the dealer to fix any of the TSB's and I have a couple but if the next generation Shaker does the same thing, I don't want them taking my car apart. This is annoying, but if a replacement does the same thing it's not worth the aggravation. Does anyone know or have you had the same problem?
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Mine is an '06 GT. I have several of the problems reported from the '05. It is a newer generation Shaker500. It seems to skip the last few seconds of many tracks, but not always. My big issue is getting the MP3's to play. They are rejected as "bad disk". Repeated attempts to load will result in the disk being recognized and played (makes changing disks VERY problematic, and not practical). I also have skipping issues but that is infrequent and seems to be isolated to certain tracks. I've been to the dealer once and the head was replaced, but the symptoms remain the same. I've tried 3 different brands of disks and 3 ripping/burning applications. All disks that I have made seem to play in any MP3 player except the Shaker. I will try a different CD recorder today.
After the dealer changed out the head, I could not tell the dash had been apart (and "yes", a new unit was installed). Previous posts by folks with these problems seem to find a solution by visiting the dealer for replacement until they get one that works.
ALBERIO posted today (17 Jan) on the topic of installing an adaptor for the "AUX input" and has a fine set of pic's which document the Shaker removal.
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My car's Shaker500 will miss a second or two of the end of the track only when playing mp3 cds. I looks like the pause in between each track of a mixed cd is normal for this stereo. This is the only cd player I have ever heard have that problem. It seems as though the stereo has to read the incoming track before playing it. I think it's because of the stereo's mp3 capability, so it reads a regular audio track like it reads an mp3 track.
Got the '08 GT with the 500 Shaker - no problems so far. Haven't used the MP3 yet, but CDs are fine.
My '07 Shaker 500 is working fine so far. I mainly play mp3s on it and they are all okay. So are the CDs.
My Shaker 500 used to do that, along with a BUNCH of other problems. Ford replaced it under warranty, but the new one did the same thing. They are all messed up. That's why I eventually ripped mine out, sold it on ebay, and upgraded to a bad-ass audio system.
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