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2 Quick questions for all you who know way more about the particulars of tuning mustangs than I do:

1) Is there any way to modify the CDC Shaker hood system to fit over my Saleen S/C and is there even enough of a power gain to make it worth my time and $$$?? Love the looks of the scoop/hood:eyepoppin but can't picture how it would possibly all fit on top of my engine??

2) At what HP do I need to start to seriously think about upgrading drivetrain, transmission, ect... parts to handle the additional power. Right now I have not touched the tranny, axels, ect...but want to add a few more mods that would put me at about 450 RWHP:happyhapp and I want to be sure that all the tranny/drivetrain components will be able to handle the power.

Thanks Guys/Gals!
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