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SHE WAS WORTH THE WAIT!! body mods and paint

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I finally got my GT baby back! Need help posting photos! I'd love to know what others think.


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looking very sharp!
Thanks so much! I've been dying to have her back, it's sick how much I love that car! I was also trying to post her before pictures, hopefully this will work!


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tell us more about the hood scoop...functional or no?
Very very nice Bethm1. looks awesome. is that a cervini's ducktail spoiler? Love the black bullitts on that color combo.
Thanks for the feedback! No, unfortunately the hood scoop is not functional. It came from GEFRacing and I was told that you could cut out the fiberglass to make it functional, but the bodywork guy that did the mods and my husband were concerned that it would dump water onto the motor so we left it solid. The hood was the hardest part of the job and took a LOT of time and hand work to bring it up to par, the mold was evidently uneven in areas and he had to sand down high spots and fill low spots. Yes, the ducktail is Cervinis, the front fascia is Roush.....and right now, for the life of me I can't remember who the side scoops were from or the lower portion of the rear skirt between the tail pipes....I'll have to look it up tonight. I love the wheels also, they are the 18" anthracite deep dish bullits from mustang tuning and we painted the spokes a bit darker... the same color as the gray that runs on the top of the car. Although the guy who did the work is a self-admitted Ford hater, I think by the end of the job he was converted! he was really great and very much the perfectionist. He even painted the grooves of the GT side emblem the same red as in the pinstripe seperating the two panels of color. My problem is that I can't pull my self out of the garage every night to go to bed....I'm afraid I'll wake up and it will be gone! :)
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well've got a beautiful ride there for sure. i love the color combo. kinda looks like a Foose job.

i've got a cervini's ducktail laying in the gargage. i cant decide how its going to look on the yellow. and just when i think i know exactly what i want......something new comes out and i think....yeah....thats what i want. Decisions, decisions. whats a feller to do?
anyway Bethm1....nice ride there..... enjoy.
Looks like the Tiger Racing Paint Scheme!!! I was thinking of doing the same thing to my Mineral Grey and also using the Black Bullits. Looks very nice!!!!


I have thought about a paint scheme much like yours for my 05 Satin Silver Coupe.

Very nice, looks real good. You did not install the chin spoiler?
No, it does not have a chin spoiler, just the Rousch fascia, in an ideal world, I'd love to have done the side skirts and lowered it a bit, but I live on an island on the coast and we can flood quickly in a storm, we have a garage that is about 6 ft above ground level an i was worried that I would have clearance issues on the ramp if I did anything that would lower the profile too much. the silver base color on this is the factory Satin Silver and the gray metallic is actually a 2003 jeep color. Now that I have seem some of the 2005 SEMA photos, I think there are a few there that followed the same idea, I started this in mid-September and got it back Christmas Day....knew about (actually was the one that sketched out the mods and paint scheme) but the wheels and tires were a total suprise!!! :)
Well it does make it different. So use to seeing the spoiler and it has a fresh look without it.

I'm teetering between the Saleen, Rousch or the new Steeda. The wife likes the Rousch.

Did you put a red stripe around the two colors to seperate them? I can't really tell in the pics.
WOW!!! That is one great looking ride!

How about a detail shot of the ducktail? :)
Yes, there is a red painted pinstripe that separates the two colors, I'll try to post a few more photos that show the stripe and ducktail spoiler a bit better!


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Excellent color scheme. I bet you were nervous during the transformation process. All's well though. Congratulations and I feel sorry for all the people you pass, they might need neck braces!!
Nice ride!

I have to join the chorus of kudos for your pony. It is a very nice looking ride. Could I ask what size wheels and tires you have on it? The funny thing is I was thinking of doing something similar with my Satin Silver Stang except I wanted my accent color to be Candy Blue.

I don't know if it's your cup of tea, but you may want to consider some of the Pony emblem artwork by Bill Coogle on this website:

I like the Candy Blue Pony artwork obviously, but the red and silver one (image attached) could be a nice little finishing touch....


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Oh yeah! REAL nervous! I thought I had it pretty much figured out in the sketches, but it was really tough not having seen anything like it in person. But what was really cool was that the paint/body guru and I were really on the same page with everything....he actually really got into the job....even though it was a Ford! :)

Go for the candy blue. In my opinion, the blue coordinates better with the satin silver and any other mods with billet alluminum and chrome. Just my opinion. I think that windveil blue and silver stripes are downright classy. The two colors you'll have will be similar. I think the red will clash slightly with the silver. Just my opinion, I wonder what others will think. Stay tuned.

Bethm1 really put her colors together well. I would consider this scheme if I did not have the stripes already. It is unique in this forum.
The wheels were the 18" deep dish anthracite bullits from Mustang Tuning but when we got them in, the anthracite color as not as dark as it looked in the photos online so we painted the spokes with the same paint as the top color. They have the Toyo Proxies 245/40 ZR 18.......I'd say go for it! I'm really happy I did my body mods before the engine I have something to look at while I'm trying to decide all that!

Can you tell us what the damage on the wheels and tires were? And where did you purchase them?
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